Pain Relief Coaching

Finally, a first-step option for pain relief that is immediate, convenient and effective! 

What you'll get:

  • Personalized Exercise Videos based on your history and goals
  • Access to me for guidance for 2 wks
  • Option to buy the next phase that will be based on your response to the previous phase - you control how much you want! 

"Take Your Musculoskeletal Health into Your Own Hands" 

What People Are Saying:

After doing the 3 exercises for a few months, my elbow is 95% better!

Weightlifter with Elbow Pain

Messaging to tell you you're my hero. That seated stretch is AH-mazing. I have worked out all week with zero pain.

Active Mom & Physical Therapist with Hip Pain after adding strength training to her routine

I've had nagging shoulder pain over the past 2 months. Over text, because she lives in the Atlanta area, she said what she thought it was and sent me two videos of her performing exercises with patients. Two days later, my shoulder felt better!

Boy Mom with Shoulder Pain

My shoulder has a pre-existing rotator cuff injury. Recently it felt like it is burning, and my arm felt heavy. It was pretty painful & not a dull ache. It wasn't getting better on its own. After doing 2 wks of the phase 1 exercises, my shoulder is 85% better! I'm excited about starting the phase 2 exercises.

Mom of 2 with Shoulder Pain

I'm at the gym right now. My back pain is 99% gone & my strength is back! I did those exercises you gave me twice a day for THREE DAYS & I'm already feeling almost 100% 😀

40+yr old Fitness Enthusiast with Back Pain

$88.00 USD

By purchasing this Pain Relief Coaching program, I admit understanding that this is not medical care. Though advice is being provided to me by a licensed physical therapist, I am fully aware that this is not considered a physical therapy program.  I have been made aware that, if, at any time during this coaching program with Kristen E Spencer, MPT, PRC, Kristen feels that I need an evaluation by a doctor or physical therapist, that she is obligated to tell me this and cease further advise until this is done. Otherwise, I fully understand that this is a wellness advisory program.