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Not your typical exercises. 12+ yrs of success treating pain & limitation differently sets this program apart. 


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Did You Know? 

🤯 Your primary doctor IS NOT a musculoskeletal specialist! Ask one. They'll tell you.  They are excellent diagnosticians for so many body systems, but joints & muscles are not their thing.  

🤯 All 50 US States (plus Washington DC & Virgin Islands) have some type of Direct Access to Physical Therapy - meaning you can go straight to a PT without a doctor referral!  Regulations vary by state, so look them up for more details.

🤯 The average length of time to get an appointment with a primary care doctor for a non-urgent issue is 2-3wks.  Then, the referral, scheduling process & wait time to get started with physical therapy can bring overall gap in time of pain onset to time of treatment to 1 month...or more! 

🤯 The majority of musculoskeletal problems respond well with proper guidance - without formal care or medication. 

This is Why I Created this Coaching Program!

Who is this Program For? 


I developed this program for the busy mom, overbooked working adult, frustrated fitness enthusiast, and anyone seeking quick solutions to their pain without having to make appointments.  


What Types of Pain/Limitations Respond well to this program? 

(This is not a complete list, but it will give you an idea of what types of pain/limitation this program can potentially help.)


- Pain from overuse/overtraining

- Pain that has gotten a little better with time, but you can't seem to get over the hump

- Pain after doing a new activity

- Pain/inability to return fully to activity after completing rehab for a surgery

- Inability to return to normal daily activities or exercise after pregnancy

- Muscle Tightness

- General Asymmetry/Feeling Crooked

- Pelvic Floor Spasms or Weakness

Who MAY NOT Be a Good Candidate for This Program? 


Any of the following must be examined by a doctor first, and may not be a good candidate: 

(This is not a complete list, but will give you a general idea.)


- Car Accident Injury

- Injury from a Fall or other Trauma

- Severe pain that has a sudden and/or unknown onset

- Sudden weakness or tingling

- Pain also associated with unexplained weight loss or gain

- Pain that is unrelenting (constant, no matter what position you are in)

- Sudden loss of bowel or bladder function

- Pain associated with Swelling and/or Bruising


Clearance from Doctor or Surgeon required for:

- Anyone currently Pregnant

- Anyone less than 2 wks post-partum

- Anyone who had surgery of any kind in the past month

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What People Are Saying

Weightlifter with Elbow Pain

"After doing the 3 exercises for a few months, my elbow is 95% better!"

Boy Mom with Shoulder Pain

"I've had nagging shoulder pain over the past 2 months. Over text, because she lives in the Atlanta area, (Kristen) sent me two videos of her performing exercises. Two days later, my shoulder felt better!"

Active Mom & Physical Therapist with Hip Pain 

"Messaging to tell you you're my hero. That seated stretch is AH-mazing. I have worked out all week with zero pain."

Mom of 2 with Shoulder Pain

"My shoulder has a pre-existing rotator cuff injury. Recently it felt like it is burning, and my arm felt heavy. It was pretty painful & not a dull ache. It wasn't getting better on its own.  After doing 2 wks of the phase 1 exercises, my shoulder is 85% better!  I'm excited about starting the phase 2 exercises."

40+-Yr-Old Fitness Enthusiast with Back Pain

"I'm at the gym right now. My back pain is 99% gone & my strength is back! I did those exercises you gave me twice a day for THREE DAYS & I'm already feeling almost 100% 😀"

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