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I'm Kristen - Boy Mom, LA Dodgers Baseball fanatic, US Air Force Veteran, Middle Sister, Child of God, & Small Biz Owner (in no particular order 😜).

I was a military child, and was lucky enough to grow up near the beaches of Destin, FL. I still yearn to have my toes in the sand and the sound of waves crashing around me. 

As a former competitive runner (and Boston Qualifier), I now value a more balanced fitness life - running, walking with my husband, weight-lifting & hiking with the family are my favorite activities. 

I attended Samford University and then received my PT degree from the University of Florida in 2002. I have been Postural Restoration Certified™ (PRC) since 2009 - I was one of the first 50 clinicians world-wide to achieve this distinction! Due to my success working with athletes (Professional, Olympic, Collegiate, High school and recreational), I have been referred patients from some of the top surgeons in the industry. I am also often sought out in the strength and physical therapy industries because of my extended experience in PRI®. Prior to working with athletes, I served in the US Air Force for nearly 10 years. I was often selected to provide care for the highest-ranking members to enter the clinic.

I founded Prosper Performance & Physical Therapy in 2017 so that I could treat patients & clients the way I wanted to, without the pressure to see so many people in a day. I was told "good luck making money that way" by traditional clinic managers... I politely shook their hands and walked away. So, here I am, offering state-of-the-art treatment concepts for those who truly want the best chance to keep active through all stages of life. 

Let me help you PROSPER in both Life and Sport. 

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