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Why PROSPER is Different

I have always had a passion for helping others, a passion for the amazing capabilities of the human body, and a passion for baseball. These passions are what led me to physical therapy school. Once I started in the profession, I started to grow frustrated with the standard way of doing things. I wanted to offer more. I wanted to do better. I wanted to provide my patients the absolute best solutions to whatever was holding them back from living a full life. Soon, my unanswered questions about current methods brought me to the science of Postural Restoration®. Because of this unique way of understanding the body, you will have a much different experience than in any clinic you have entered. I will look beyond your localized area of problem in order to find the real answers.

Here for YOU

Have you ever dealt with pain or a physical limitation and spent a whole lot of time and money seeing multiple specialists without any real answers? Or maybe it took so long to go the traditional route that your injury is now chronic. Perhaps you have been released from your doctor or physical therapist, but still just don't feel 100%. Do you struggle with nagging injuries that keep returning? Maybe you're an athlete that just can't seem to get your body to do what your coach wants it to do? Are you overwhelmed with information and don't know what to believe? Have you been told you will never be able to do what you love again? I am here.

Whether you are recovering from an injury, preparing for a challenge, looking for an edge on your competition or simply hoping to live your life without limitations, I have the unique tools to help you "PROSPER in Life and Sport".


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