Postural Restoration®

Restoring Functional Movement

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Discover the underlying pattern that dominates your function. No guessing. No relying on inconsistent palpation. I will look at your movement from head to toe, regardless of your area of issue. 


The goal is to restore BALANCED, reciprocal, and triplanar neuro-motor function to optimize performance or simply function without pain.


Learn how to manage the asymmetry in your daily routine. We will always be asymmetrical, but knowing how to stay ahead of it leads to long-term movement freedom.

Postural Restoration Institute®

What is Postural Restoration (PRI®)? 

Postural Restoration® is a cutting-edge, integrated approach to physical medicine based on the principle that the human body is, innately, asymmetrical. Our desire to function symmetrically, without regarding our natural asymmetry, leads to compensation, neuro-motor imbalance, and faulty breathing patterns. Adding societal influence, behavioral influences, and genetic influences, unilateral sports/habits, or injury will put us deeper into these asymmetrical patterns.

An Integrated Approach

Since the body is entirely inter-connected, Postural Restoration Institute® (PRI) clinicians know that pain or injury in one area of the body is often a result of dysfunction elsewhere in the chain. PRI also understands the inter-relationship of all systems in the body, and the fact that asymmetries may need to be addressed in the visual or dental systems to achieve balance again.

Unveiling the True Source

I utilize these principles to address the true source (hint – it may not be at the site of your pain). From a performance perspective, I will identify and address your underlying imbalances which are setting you up for potential injury or hindering your ability to perform optimally.


What Will You Get?

Sessions include a full-body evaluation and personalized corrective exercise instruction. The goal is to recognize and eliminate innate barriers to performance and underlying causes of injury/pain. This may even include addressing your visual systems, dental systems and breathing patterns. It will retrain your brain!


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Alex, surfer

"The doctors & therapists were puzzled b/c there was nothing structurally wrong with my shoulder. The postural work I have done with Kristen has stopped the pain. What sets (her) apart is her individualized attention she gives & a really strong commitment to getting to the bottom of an issue."

Craig Stammen, pitcher, MLB

"Kristen's expertise in physical therapy and the technique of PRI maintained my health and helped me get back on the field after injury, quickly."

Jaya, Figure Skater & Coach

"Kristen's work with me and my students has helped relieve pain and restore function. She helped me physically as an athlete, and using PRI, she fundamentally changed my understanding of posture, strength and flexibility -- making me a better coach, too!"

Jeff, father of HS pitcher

“He has been improving with each effort and this was his best so far.  After the game he was very upbeat.  And the best part is that although he was tired, he had no arm pain!  I just wanted to thank you again.  I think you gave him back his senior year of baseball."

Amy, ITU World Triathlon Champion

“The really great news is that I did not get a side stitch!!!  This thing has plagued me for more than 30 years on fast runs. I've been seeing a terrific PT, Kristen. She helped me address imbalances and worked on my breathing…To not be in pain for a few weeks after a race due to a bad stitch is truly a gift”

Andre, active adult & grandfather

"I am Painfree! That is worth every penny. I saw so many chiropractors, therapists and specialists over the years... no one could figure it out until you," 

Take Your Musculoskeletal Health into Your Own Hands

Take care of the issues BEFORE they set you on the sidelines...better yet, before they START. 

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