Electro-Hydraulic Shockwave

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No Injections.

No Guessing.  No Off Time.


Blood Vessel Formation

New blood vessels form & remain permanent.  A long-term increase in bloodflow! 

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Inflammation Control

Toll-Like Receptors stimulate a 3-tiered inflammatory response. Inflammation comes in for healing... then leaves when it's done.  Decreasing chronic inflammation.  

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Stem Cell Migration

Over the course of 8 wk or more, the body will continue to send your own stem cells to the area - a combination of whatever new cell types it needs. 

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More General Info

What is Electro-Hydraulic Shockwave?

Non-Invasive stimulant of our natural healing process. This technology is only available in a few select facilities in the US.  **A form of ESWT (Extra- Corporal Shockwave Therapy)**
How Can Electro-Hydraulic ShockWave (EHSW) Help Me? 
Anyone with acute or chronic pain can benefit from EHSW Therapy. Clinical studies show the impulse both re-initiates the stagnant healing processes in chronic injuries AND initiates a more rapid and effective healing process of acute injuries.
Why EHSW Over Other Regenerative Treatments?
EHSW is the only non-invasive treatment that elicits ALL of these regenerative benefits, and with the science to prove it. There are no needles, little-to-no downtime, and no guessing where to treat. The effects are internally-generated, triggering your own ability to regenerate new cells, as opposed to injecting externally-generated cells. There is instant biofeedback, ensuring that treatment is being applied where it needs to be, and multiple areas can be treated in one session – unlike PRP and Stem Cell injections.
See Comparison to Other Non-Surgical Options Chart in link below.
Why Not Other “Shock Wave” Devices?
The electrohydraulic action is the only “shockwave” mechanism that is 100% non-traumatic. It is proven to have the largest focal treatment area & shorter treatment time - it's simply the most effective. 
Be aware of other waveforms being advertised as "shockwave".  A few common devices are: Radial Waves, Piezoelectric Waves & Electromagnetic Waves. 
Read more about the differences in link below.
Why THIS Device Over Other EHSW Treatments? 
I use the most advanced version of ESHW available, the Profile, by Sanuwave®´ŞĆ. Currently, there are only 2 of them in Georgia! This device allows for stronger shockwaves with less discomfort and can reach deeper tissues than any other EHSW device.  The responses are longer-lasting and require fewer & shorter treatments.  It can access areas other devices can't... and provide you a stronger treatment with less discomfort. 
Can EHSW Improve Performance?
YES! It’s not just for injured tissues. Studies have even found EHSW to increase muscle resilience in healthy muscle – increase performance, enhance recovery, decrease overuse!
Who Is Using EHSW?
EHSW has been used by Professional Sports Teams (NFL, MLB, NBA, FC Barcelona), Elite Athletes across the globe, and Top Medical Institutions.
Comparing "Shockwave" Devices
Compare to Other Non-Surgical Options
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Success Stories


Soccer player avoids foot surgery with EHSW treatment.

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"The swelling has gone down already. You are amazing!"

- Young lady with kneecap dislocation avoided surgery and returned to work as waitress in 2 wks.


"I wanted to tell you (my daughter's) hip is amazing. That machine is a miracle."

- Mom of a dancer with hip pain


"After MONTHS OF ATTEMPTED REHAB, I was introduced to Shockwave (ESHW). The treatment was very doable & RESULTS WERE FELT IMMEDIATELY. My RANGE OF MOTION IMPROVED instantly!" 

- Chris, Active Dad & Coach


"Mom is no longer considering surgery" 

- Son whose mother was recommended to get double knee replacements


"It was a NIGHT AND DAY DIFFERENCE in my foot. It also continues to get better as time went on. I've recommended (EHSW) to everyone, because the RESULTS ARE MAGICAL!" 

- Olivia, Fitness Enthusiast

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